Little Lebowski Under Achievers

Jet Carpenter and Maury Smith

Jet Carpenter and Maury Smith, May, 2011

Jesse Patrick (AKA Jet Carpenter) and I have been doing music together for several years now.  Our gigs have been a blast, but our rehearsals have been even more fun.  And neither of those compare to the times we just get to hang out and laugh about the world together.  Here are few tunes we recorded at various gigs and rehearsals…

The Ghost of Tom Joad

From a coffeehouse gig at Java Cat in May, 2010, this Springsteen tune is such a haunting piece.

Pancho and Lefty

I think we were rehearsing in April 2010 on Jet’s balcony for this Townes Van Zandt tune.


Steve Earle was new to me–thanks Jet, for introducing him!  It’s a shame this one cuts out at the end…again, from the May, 2010  Java Cat Gig.

Comes a Time

Another on from the same set…Neil Young’s classic, and the tune we usually close with.


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