Mirage (2013)



Mirage. 3.23.11. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

This collection of original tunes, written and performed by Maury Smith and the Orchestra Bordenave, was recorded between 2011 to 2013.  Feel free to enjoy the pieces on line here at the cafe or download them to listen to in another venue.

(Important note:  In order to listen to the Cafe’s musical selections while viewing slideshows or browsing the other offerings, you need to open a new browser window or tab, listen in one window and surf the Cafe in the other.)

1) It Flies

It Flies lyrics    About It Flies


2) Mirage

Mirage Lyrics    About Mirage


3) Celt

Celt Lyrics  About Celt


4) Meant to Last

Meant to Last lyrics    About Meant to Last


5) PFD

PFD lyrics   About PFD


6) Jubilee 

Jubilee lyrics   About Jubilee


7) Shenandoah/Sunshine

About Shenandoah Sunshine


8) The Judge’s Robe

The Judge’s Robe lyrics   About The Judge’s Robe


9) Abraham

Abraham Lyrics    About Abraham


10) Paris Poem #49

About Paris Poem #49


11) Fosteresque

Fosteresque Lyrics    About Fosteresque


12) Minor Swing

About Minor Swing


13) Too Soon

Too Soon Lyrics    About Too Soon


14) Crash

Crash Lyrics  About Crash




About The Orchestra Bordenave




Maury Smith.  Photo by Marcia Yapp.

Houssat Bordenave 4x8

Maurice Houssat Bordenave’s Paris Musician’s Union Card. Procured by Al Rose, scanning by Jim Koski.


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