Acoustic Transcendos Archive

Al Rose and Maury Smith, Les Pipos, March 22 2009. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

Al Rose and Maury Smith, Les Pipos, March 22 2009. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

Alright.  I’ve been playing music with Al Rose for more that 35 years, which gives me a certain latitude, I think. Some pretty serious longitude as well.  And I can tell you this–despite how amazing Al’s six studio albums are, there’s nothing like his live performances.  I’ve recorded tons of our gigs from the 80’s, 90’s, Oughts and now teens and the best versions I can find of the many tunes we’ve strummed over the decades.  Here are the first few offerings…

Daddy Dontcha Do Me

 I recall we were both thrilled when Al dug this ancient (1983?) tune from out the bottom of some dusty pile of forgotten songs and whipped it out one night after a Wild Rice gig at Mike and Kris’ place.  It’s been scorching since then and even showed up on one of his records.  I think this version came from September 2010.

 Sad Go Lucky

Title cut to his latest record, this one was from a Mother Fools gig in Madison in March, 2010.

Infectious Smile

One of my favorites to play with Al.  Also from November 2010 at Mother Fools.

All the Trains are Gone

From Wild Rice, April 2, 2011.  I was still jet lagged, I think.  Didn’t seem to matter.

Half a Waltz

From Wild Rice, May 1, 2010.

Keep the Beat

From December, 1983 at the Red Herring Coffeehouse in Champaign. Were we really ever that young?  And, what, exactly, was so funny?


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