Karpatt, Place de Sorbonne 3.23.09.Photo by Marcia Yapp

From May 2011 through July 2013, Maury Smith and the Orchestra Bordenave  wrote and recorded the album Mirage.  In fact, the original raison d’etre for the Bistro Mirage website was to serve as a distribution point for the album. So, even though Bistro Mirage has since grown to include much more than the songs from Mirage, having arrived here, you’ve found the heart of the cafe.

The musical offerings at Bistro MIrage include:


Mirage:  The Album.  Full versions of all 12 tunes along with lyrics and other supporting notes.

Opera.  Longer musi-collages tying the albums songs together with ambient parisian street, park and cafe noise.

Cafe Tunes.  Popular recordings overlain upon ambient cafe audio.

New Orleans Stew.  Tuneful gumbo from the American heartland’s Fin de Monde.

Clark Anderson Trio.  Selections from the late, great bluesman’s oeuvre.

Little Lebowski Under Achievers featuring Jet Carpenter.

Acoustic Transcendos Archives.  Old live shit from Al Rose and company.

The Hopeful Radio Digressions.  2006 Musical Monologue.

Goodbye, Darkness.  2009 Musical Monologue.


Les Pipos 3.22.09. Photo by Marcia Yapp



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