Through the glass lightly...Cafe Le Royal Voltaire, 3.25.11. Photo by Marcia Yapp.
Through the glass lightly…Cafe Le Royal Voltaire, 3.25.11. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

This cafe and all it is, was and ever shall be, was originally inspired by the vision, spirit and imagination of Marcia Yapp whose photographs grace the cafe’s every space.  Treat yourself to a slideshow or a walk through the gallery…and return soon–new collections are mounted every so often.

 Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil
Behind the Veil. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

Every great city is thoroughly populated by innumerably many ghosts from centuries past.  They live, these ghosts, in a parallel plane a quark’s-width away from what we’d call “reality.”  Marcia has perfected a technique for capturing glimpses of these extra-dimensional dwellers.  Not to divulge any trade secrets or anything, but Marcia’s breakthrough photographic method involves scrupulously avoiding eye contact with these paranormal subjects (they vanish an instant before we spot them in our peripheral vision, you see). Lucky for us, the camera’s lens, for whatever reason, seems not to disturb the subjects and therefore gains a glimpse behind the veil. You really can photograph mirages.

Paris Graffiti


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