Maury’s subconscious being pursued by musical and lyrical ideas on some nameless Parisian street (Geez…do I really have to spell it all out for you???) March, 2011. Photo by Marcia Yapp.

Hey, you can have my music for free. It’s not like I really came up with it on my own–the Universe seems to get a big kick out of putting musical and lyrical ideas in my head and I have a blast making the strings vibrate and getting words down on paper and songs down in ones and zeros. I feel like the tunes have lives of their own and want to be shared for their own sakes and I take little proprietary interest in how all that shakes out.

However, if you are so moved, please feel free to donate to the B.F.T.D.I.O.W.W.S.M.A.M.B.T.P.A.R.T.S.T.M.* fund to support the research that goes into getting my subconscious lined up with those universal forces so that I can fall asleep and dream this stuff up.  You can go postal and send me a check: Maury Smith, 525 Troy Dr, Madison, WI 53704 USA, or you can catch me sitting out on the back patio at Mickey’s or hanging in the gardens across the street and slap a 20 on me, or you can use this really easy credit card donation method–all you do is click on the button below and type in some numbers and letters. I just now tried it myself and it works like a charm–only took me 30 seconds to send myself a sizable cash donation. Until now I never knew how great it was being your own boss, or at least your own customer….




No…really, I mean it…thanks a lot!  Parisian street graffiti clown dude, March, 2011. Photo by Marcia Yapp.


*Before This Decade Is Out We Will Send Maury And Marcia Back To Paris And Return Them Safely To Madison