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Wandering Rue Mouffetard, 3.23.2009. Photo by Marcia Yapp. As will be the case for almost all photos at Bistro Mirage, click once on the image to call up a larger version then click again to zoom in. It may take a moment to load, but the the stunning detail is worth the wait and you’ll soon find yourself swimming in the image (or swimmaging, as we here at the Bistro say). For example, in this Wandering image, check out the building’s reflection on the rotisserie case to Maury’s left and the soft glow of Rue Mouffetard’s arced paving stones beneath the subjects’ feet. Hidden beauty awaits revelation in each of Marcia’s images. Dive in and explore the depths.

However, if you’d prefer, we could offer you some sense of direction. Allow us to recommend the following…

Map Break at the Tuilleries Pond, March, 3.23.11.Photo by Marcia Yapp

Map Break at the Tuilleries Pond, March, 3.23.11.  Photo by Marcia Yapp

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Menu from Chez Paul, 3.23.09. Photo by Marcia Yapp