Au Zinc

Ah, indeed…it seems you’ve only got a moment or two.  Very well.  

We’ll make sure you enjoy the time-honored tradition of taking your coffee Au Zinc—at the (often zinc-topped) bar where you’ll probably have to stand, but since you’ll be leaving soon, that’s fine.  And, a tip to the weary traveler: A few cafes (like ours) offer bar stools, making the quick espresso moment briefly restful at the well-chosen venue.

At the bar, Au Petit Fer a Cheval. Photo by Marcia Yapp

Please, while I warm up the espresso machine, have a moment with the menu

Dome Nuages3.5 €

Django Reinhardt’s lovely Nuages performed by The Hot Club of Detroit is gently overlaid onto an afternoon at Cafe Dome on Rue St. Antoine.  If you enjoy this offering, more Cafe Tunes are available at the MUSIC tab.

(Important note:  In order to listen to the Cafe’s musical selections while viewing slideshows or browsing the other offerings, you need to open a new browser window or tab, listen in one window and surf the Cafe in the other.)
It Flies 4 €
A short piece from the album Mirage by Maury Smith and the Orchestra Bordenave.  The complete album along with many other offerings can be found at the MUSIC tab.

A White Clad Woman5 


Intimate Paris...7.5 €

Enjoy a short collection of Marcia Yapp’s photography.

Voila…enjoy your coffee.

Merci por votre visite.

Double espresso. 3.23.09. Photo by Al Rose.

Double espresso au zinc, Cafe Costa. 3.23.09. Photo by Al Rose.


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